Epilepsy Smart Schools

An Epilepsy Smart School (ESS) is a school which embeds inclusive, safe and educationally sound practices for primary, secondary and special school students living with epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation has developed a Practical Guide and suite of resources which provides information on how a school can become epilepsy smart. This guide and all associated resources are available as downloadable PDFs on this website.

The Epilepsy Smart Schools Practical Guide has been written for primary, secondary and special schools in Victoria and  is the basis of this website, however the concepts of the inclusive practices shared on this website can be applied in any school setting.

The Practical Guide provides key information on how your school can become ‘epilepsy smart’ and includes aspects of the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Epilepsy Policy.

The tabs on the side of each page will take you through the different sections of the Practical Guide, giving you further information and access to resources to support parents/guardians, schools and students.

Download ESS Practical Guide



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