Epilepsy Smart Schools

What is an Epilepsy Smart School?
Epilepsy Awareness
What is an Epilepsy Smart School?

This is great! If you’ve arrived here, that means you are interested in learning more about epilepsy. Maybe your friend has epilepsy. Maybe you have epilepsy and want to know more about how your school can become epilepsy smart? Or perhaps you want to do a project or presentation about epilepsy at school or in your community.

You’ve come to the right place!

An Epilepsy Smart School is a school where anyone with epilepsy feels confident and safe and can be their best – in their school work, in sports and with their friends.

Explore the tab on the side and the resources on this website for further information.

The Epilepsy Foundation operates an Information Line 1300 761 487 accessible Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. The Information Line is staffed by allied health professionals with expertise in epilepsy and how it may affect your health, wellbeing, and daily living. If at any time you have a question about your epilepsy please call us.

Epilepsy Smart Postcard
Have a look at our postcard. It will quickly tell you the key facts about epilepsy. A limited number of these postcards are available in hardcopy so if you would like to request a supply for your school (Victorian schools only) please Contact us.

Epilepsy Smart Quiz
Feeling epilepsy smart? Take the quiz and find out!

Epilepsy Awareness


These online resources will support the student with epilepsy to educate their peers about epilepsy. Teachers may also use the presentations themselves to instruct their class.

All About Us, All About Others (Years 1-4) (external link)
Tuning into our diversity (Years 5-8) (external link)

Peer Educator Program
Your teacher can support you in using the online presentations to educate other people about epilepsy through the Peer Educator Program (there are teacher resources in the Teacher section of this website that will help them!)

The Peer Educator Program could be readily implemented through the following programs:

  • Leadership Programs
  • Student School Council (S.R.C)
  • Values Programs
  • Buddies Programs
  • ADVANCE Program
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • V.C.A.L

Purple Day Activities
There are many fun activities that you can use when educating others about epilepsy. They are particularly useful during the month of March, which aligns to Purple Day.

Recommended reading list for children

This reading list is filled with books that have been selected as suitable reading for children of all ages. The books cover a range of subjects related to living with epilepsy, enabling you to share information about epilepsy with other student through stories that they can relate to.

Disclosing your epilepsy – to get the job done
For any student about to embark on a work placement, this practical resource will guide them through the considerations and implications involved in disclosing their epilepsy within a ‘need-when-how’ framework.

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