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Peer Educator Program
Peer Educator Program Resources
Peer Educator Program

The Peer Educator Program provides an opportunity for students from Years 5-12 to be involved in a meaningful partnership with their Epilepsy Australia member organisation to raise awareness and understanding of epilepsy in your school community.

The program has been developed by the Epilepsy Foundation – we hope that you find the resources information and helpful in raising awareness of epilepsy within your school community.

Peer Educator Program Resources

Peer Educator Workbook

The Peer Educator Workbook is designed to engage students in learning about epilepsy and motivate them to share this knowledge with other students. The workbook uses a student centred approach, with the expectation that Peer Educators will be active and responsible participants throughout their training. The Peer Educator Program could be readily implemented through the following programs:

  • Leadership Programs
  • Student School Council (S.R.C)
  • Values Programs
  • Buddies Programs
  • ADVANCE Program
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • VCAL

Use the Epilepsy Peer Educator Workbook (PDF 5MB, workbook best printed on A3 using booklet setting) to assist you in planning and delivering your Peer Education Program.


Hands-On Activities

Included in the Peer Educator Workbook are a choice of hands-on activities. This is to ensure factors such as the age and diversity of peer educators is taken into account when training students.

Paper Plane Portraits (PDF 559KB)

Whats in a label (PDF 703KB)


Is that a fact (PDF 499KB)

If (PDF 541kb)

Diversity Wordsearch (PDF 329KB)

Diversity Multiple Choice (PDF 510KB)

Peer Educators may choose to use activities found in the Classroom Activities (PDF 1MB) resource as well when educating other students about epilepsy. Peer Educators should choose the activity most suitable for their groups.


Diversity Presentations

These online resources will assist the Peer Educator to educate their peers about epilepsy.

Click on the link to view the presentation.

All About Us, All About Others (Years 1-4) (external link)
Tuning into our diversity (Years 5-8) (external link)


Further Documents

The documents below support the successful implementation of the Peer Educator Program.

Click on the link to download the document:


Stories to share in the Peer Educator Program


Animations to share in the Peer Educator Program.


Jack, Ali and Anna all have epilepsy. Watch these short animations produced by Epilepsy Action UK to find out how epilepsy affects them.

Jack’s story: Tonic-clonic seizures

Ali’s story: Absence seizures

Anna’s story: Focal Seizures

Jack’s story: Staying safe

Anna’s story: How I feel

Ali’s story: Taking my medicine

For more information on this animated series please visit Epilepsy Action UK



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